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This is a GPA calculator that confirms to the decimal grading system in use by certain colleges. The class/course name field is just for reference and is not required. Rows with the grade and/or credits fields that are blank are ignored. Grades entered are not saved.

Omit grades that are not a decimal, such as but are not limited to: I, W, *, Y, NC, N, WI, R, CR

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All you need to know about GPA

If you are here on our website, that means you are looking to calculate your GPA or want to know something about GPA. Because this is what our website is all about. You can either use the best GPA Calculator or take a moment to know more about GPA. 

Whether you are a college student or new to the university, you must have heard the term GPA quite frequently from your elder siblings and cousins. You might have heard that he has a GPA of 3 or 4. What these numbers represent? What is this GPA all about and why it is so important? How GPA is calculated and what it defines? If these questions bug you, then yes this article will help you get through them.

What is the GPA?

GPA is an abbreviation for Grade Point Average. It is a way to calculate academic achievement in colleges and universities. In this system, each course has a predefined number of ‘credits’ or ‘units’. These credits depend upon the course content. Mostly these numbers of credits vary from 1 to 4. This number indicates how many lectures or labs of such courses will be conducted in a week.

Usually, GPA has a grading scale of A, B, C, D, and F. Each of the grades is assigned a particular grade number points. An A grade has 4 points, B has 3, C has 2, D has one while F has 0 points. Mostly grades are assigned letters (such as in this case). However, they can also be represented using numbers or percentages. This varies from university to university, and from country to country.

This GPA Calculator will help you to Calculate your GPA for School, College, and University.

How to Calculate GPA?

GPA Calculation Formula is given below:

GPA = (Grades × Credits) ÷ Credits

There are two grading systems, which are relative or absolute. In an absolute grading system, grades are predefined with their score. The grade you get depends upon the aggregate of that course. Whereas in a relative grading system, grades are not fixed. They depend upon the class average and the highest achieved aggregate. All the grades are then calculated relative to it.

There are usually two sales of GPA, 4.0 and 4.3. Whatever the scale of the GPA may be, it does not change the way to calculate it. On the 4.0 scale, A grade has a point of 4, and so on for B. On the other hand, in 4.3 scales, we have an A+ which has a score of 4.3.

Let’s calculate GPA based on a 4.0 scale to understand the things better. Suppose you took three courses, English (3 credits), Chemistry (3 credits) and Mathematics(2 credits). Grading points are, A=4, B=3, C=2 and, D=1. Your grades are as follows:

  • English – A
  • Chemistry – B
  • Mathematics – A

Your obtained marks for English are 12 (4*3), Chemistry is 9 (3*3), and Mathematics are 8 (4*2). Overall credits are 8 (3+3+2). The formula is which is in this case, 29/8. Hence your total GPA will be 3.63.

GPA calculation will be the same on 4.3 scales. All you need to know is the grading points against different grades and your obtained grades.

Please check the table below to understand the GPA Scale. 

Importance of a good GPA

GPA indicates how well you have scored in your courses on average. They show whether you have attainted good grades overall or bad grades. GPA can be used to assess whether you meet specific criteria and standards set by the university. It is the essence of your overall performance in a semester compared to other students.

  • Your GPA will determine whether you are eligible to move on and opt for particular courses or not.
  • It is vital as it can be used to get admission in your desired college. Many schools consider GPA for admission purposes. Hence higher the GPA, the higher the chances of getting admission to your favorite college.
  • Your GPA has a weightage when considering students for a college scholarship or financial aid.
  • Your chances of getting a job are high if you have a good GPA throughout your university.

How to get a good GPA?

To get a good GPA, you need to study every day and work hard. It would help if you had a grasp of in-depth knowledge of your subject. The subject with higher credits is more critical. Getting A grade in them will surely get you a good GPA. With little effort and smart study, you can quickly get a GPA of 3.5 and above.

How to maintain your GPA?

Maintaining a good GPA is not a child’s play. If you have obtained a low GPA in your freshman year, then it is very hard to raise or maintain your GPA in the future. It would help if you started working on your grades since the start of your course degree. Waiting for the junior year to improve GPA is the worst of all tactics. Every class counts and every subject is essential. If you do not work from the start, it will be very hard for you to graduate with a good GPA in the end. If you get all D’s in your first two years and all A’s in the last two years, your cumulative GPA will be a 2.5 or so, which is not considered good enough.

How to Improve your GPA?

With a little planning and passion, you can quickly improve your GPA. It would help if you worked hard from your freshman year for a better GPA. So start working from the start, and maintain a record to get a good GPA in the end. Most of the time, you need to apply for college or a job before your final semester (senior year) grades are calculated. Hence your first three year’s GPA (or grades) are most important.


GPA Tips and Tricks

  • The first and most important tip is that do not miss your classes or lectures. Your presence in all the lectures will make really a big difference when you sit for the exams. 
  • Work hard and consistently in your first two years of college.
  • Maintaining a GPA of 3.0 is essential, as it is a basic requirement for many jobs and admission in different Colleges or Universities. 
  • Studying each day is the key to get a good GPA. Try to be in the top ten students to get a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

My GPA Calculator

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